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Hanna Larsson

Hanna Larsson. Background in health and training, previously a training instructor – gym, aerobics and a health studio. In the services sector circa 30 years and currently running a yoga studio. Hanna is currently at Gold level within doTERRA (after 1.5years).


Why doTERRA? “Quality and co-impact sourcing is so important to me. The most important aspect for me is the quality – this is essential for me to endorse a product. Integrity is also key as I have invested years in my nutrition, health coaching and yoga business. My students/clients are buying these products anyway so now they can buy them from doTERRA and I can support them with education and support. It is important that you have a great guide to help you get started and show you what does and does not work. For me education is a key to your success and building a solid business. I advise people to take it seriously and be prepared to make an investment for a strong return. I tell other health professionals to make doTERRA part of who you already are – let it complement your existing business. Further details here - Hanna’s story

my story

I am a yoga teacher and a qualified aromatherapist based in Dublin, Ireland. I have built a thriving business based on natural products that complements my yoga business. I am inspired by supporting yoga teachers and studio owners that want to do likewise and I guide them to success. It is possible to be yogini and business owner with a residual income that feels authentic, natural and beautiful.  Yoga teachers have been very successful at both yoga and business – see the success stories above. I have partnered with doTERRA as they have the best quality oils & products.  See my 9 reasons here

What do you get from me?

You will get –

  • My expertise - I will be your personal coach on this journey from the start. Customised mentorship to ensure your success.
  • Training and support – online access to tools and skills needed to successfully introduce doTERRA into your yoga studio. I have specific expertise in this area and have created a specialised suite of ebooks. All the resources are available and online from webinars to classes.
  • Join “the essential yogi” tribe – who are we? we are a high vibe tribe of fun-loving yogi’s and yoginis. Yoga enthusiasts, yoga teachers and studio owners all share what has worked for them. Support, guidance and tips on how to make it work for you. Successful yoga teachers think outside the box.
  • Global doTERRA team – we are all part of the larger global team and can access information on new products and trainings. Ongoing education on doTERRA products, business building, leadership skills and cultivating a success mindset.

Are you ready to build a sustainable, authentic thriving business?

Do you really want to go for it this year?


Do you want to build a profitable business that supports you and your dreams and is aligned with your values?

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you already run a successful yoga studio and want to increase your return or profit?
  • Do you want more financial security in your yoga business?
  • Do you want to Increase the utilisation of your studio?
  • Do you want to move beyond the “time for money” paradigm?
  • Are you holistically minded? do you love natural products and value looking after your family and yourself as naturally as possible.
  • Do you want to expand your reach and create a wellness/holistic centre?
  • Are you open to an additional stream of income that are aligned to your values and allow you to serve your community deeper?
  • Are open to differentiating your studio and offering something new as well as extending your brand/influence?
  • Are you ready to take the first steps towards exploring other possibilities?
  • Are you coachable and is personal development is an ongoing aspect of your life? This part can so easily be overlooked but you need to be open to learning from others that have been successful at this. You will only progress as far as you will grow.

What you need to know from the get go!

  • Be prepared to invest time & energy into learning, appreciating the necessary learning curve with all new endeavours
  • Be willing to commit to 10 – 15 hrs a week to build your business.
  • Be able to make the monthly investment is circa €150 – this is the only overhead cost to operate a doTERRA business. Imagine that – no massive capital cost to start a business.  This monthly commitment should also qualify as a business expense.
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme – this is a long-term investment. You need to have that viewpoint for success.

How to build a residual income with doTERRA

By empowering and educating people on adopting a doTERRA wellness lifestyle - supporting someone making a lifestyle change by using natural solutions. doTERRA product suite is all based around essential oils and adopting a non-toxic green lifestyle – essential oils both single and blends, personal care, weight management, supplements, household and diffusers. I have chosen to partner with doTERRA – due to the quality and potency of the essential oils and the other products they produce. You will build a profitable business based on natural products that complements your existing business.  Classes/workshops and ongoing education and support.  What’s cool with residual income is that when we work once we can get paid many times.  The income comes in after the work has been completed. From the first month you can begin to earn commission/bonuses. How cool is that!

Elena Brower

Inspiration and Influence: Elena Brower


Known for her cross-team teaching and leadership, Elena Brower has been an inspiration to many on this path. While she isn't my team leader, she's been a virtual mentor of sorts, and is one of the most potent success stories - combining doTERRA with yoga. Having reached the rank of Presidential Diamond level within doTERRA, she discusses her love of this work here: https://elenabrower.com/why-doterra/


So, if all this resonates with you and you feel yourself getting excited and hearing the call to expand & grow please reach out to me and let’s get started.

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